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Improved Aluminium Framework

profiles are constructed with 2mm solid aluminium side walls and core structure.

Specifically designed for Cleanroom use, Monmouth have developed a structure that is constructed from smooth profiles and free of horizontal surfaces, significantly reducing the potential of particulate build-up.

No Horizontal Surfaces


 The unique system features angled profiles, never before seen in modular cleanroom construction. The 45° angles ensure that it is much more difficult for particulate to settle on an edge. Some cleanrooms have a 10 to 15mm lip on edges which has to be regularly cleaned carefully.

Tight Joint Connections


 The sharp radius on the corner of aluminium is difficult to extrude during manufacture, so the edges are often rounded. This makes a tight neat joint difficult, an easy place for dust/dirt to hide and also difficult to clean. The profile has a tiny 0.25mm radius corner, making a joint as tight and as smooth as possible. 

Aluminium Composite Panels


 All Cleanroom Kits are constructed with heavy duty 6mm thick Aluminium Composite Panels to ensure full strength in construction and longevity of your cleanroom. 

Flush Ceiling Panels


The ceiling support designed by Monmouth means that ceilings in the cleanrooms are as near flush as possible. This gives an excellent finish inside the cleanroom as it is easier for cleaning and benefits greatly to the aesthetics. 

LED Light Panels


 The new LED panels utilise the latest in LED low energy technology, offer excellent bright crisp illumination of the working area and completely eliminate ‘flicker’ often seen with inferior old style fluorescent tubes.  

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